I started work as soon as I left school at 17 - having been programming in my bedroom from the age of 7. Since then I have worked for accountants, clothing designers, and military contractors.

I spent several years at the Ordnance Survey working on their next generation internal database and mapping software that later became their flagship product OS MasterMap.

From there I moved into the games industry - following a childhood dream. Julian Gollop co-founder of what was then Mythos Games took me on during volatile times in the games industry. From there I moved to Climax Studios in Brighton, Runecraft in Dewsbury, Magenta Software in Liverpool, and Sony Computer Entertainment's Liverpool studios. During this time I honed my skills in realtime 3D programming techniques, as well as dealing with big budget projects and large teams.

After that I branched out into virtual reality, working for Virtalis in Manchester, which enabled me to combine my expertise in geospatial data and realtime 3D graphics, while working on smaller bespoke applications and modifications to our existing flagship application.

My work since becoming freelance in 2013 has been an exciting mix of jobs both big and small, and getting involved in the start-up scene at DoES Liverpool and Startupbootcamp Berlin.

Currently my work involves working with Clicks and Links Ltd, managing and rendering large, geospatial point cloud datasets in VR in real time for the construction and rail industries. As well as visualising large and complex datasets in the browser with Impact Data Metrics Ltd